• $18.00

    Show Me Your Letters

    Welcome to #showmeyourletters! This is the official Show Me Your Letters iPad Workbook! This workbook has been created by Becca Courtice over at The Happy Ever Crafter, and I have made it into an iPad version. It is a follow on to the Show Me Your Drills challenge that took place during January 2017. Make sure to check out the Show Me Your Drills challenge first if you are new to hand lettering :)     

    What you will get:

    • Letter Building Worksheets iPad Guide - how to use the worksheets
    • 32 individual high-res Procreate files with worksheets for the entire alphabet, including one sheet for new strokes and variations for a few letters
    • An exclusive 'Perfect Letters' custom Procreate brush that I have created to work perfectly with the worksheets and you won't be able to get otherwise

     Please refer to the installation guide to transfer the downloaded files to your iPad.


    Price: USD $18.00